Cryo Like LeBron!

IMG_0926_webLeBron sure got my attention earlier this year when he posted on Instagram that Cryotherapy is part of his daily routine. As a fellow aging athlete with some aches and pains, and a nerve injury, I did a two month experiment. And I didn’t mind running into fellow members like boxing champ Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Check it out in San Diego Magazine>>>
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USS Indy: The Legacy Project


Friend and producer, Sara Vladic, at the screening of her WWII documentary of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis.

USS Indianapolis: The Legacy Project. This is my friend, Sara Vladic, who has the ONLY authorized story rights to the greatest naval disaster of all time.  She is a shining light of integrity in Hollywood.  SO PROUD OF HER!  You could have heard a pin drop during the packed private screening of her documentary. Hearing the survivors share a firsthand account of the sinking of the ship (after it delivered the atomic bomb that ended WWII), was deeply moving to say the least. Of the 1,197 on board, over 800 made it into the water.  But when help arrived on the fifth day, only a few hundred had survived.  For some of them, this was the first time they’d ever spoken of the sinking.  Ignore all other unauthorized copy cats in theaters! And follow on social: @USSIndy #USSIndy   (Nationwide distribution info coming soon.)

What I Asked Dodgers Skipper Don Mattingly…

donThe day I attended Dodgers spring training to interview Clayton Kershaw back in 2011, he was just coming onto the scene and hadn’t risen to the level of fame he holds today. That day was also skipper Don Mattingly’s first day on the job. I gathered with a handful of other reporters for the first casual diamond-side “presser” of spring training. And realizing the enormity of that moment, I decided to have the guts to ask this crusty fellow his very first question as manager. I honestly didn’t care about making a fool of myself.

I remember reading that early scouts had compared Kershaw to Dodgers legend Sandy Koufax (my dad’s favorite pitcher!). So I blurted out, “Coach, Kershaw is looking to be a solid pitcher on the roster this season. He’s being compared to a few pitchers from the past. Is there someone from your playing days that he reminds you of?” He looked at me and said, “Shoot, hell if I know. Hadn’t thought about it.” I tried not to laugh. I think he was expecting, “How’s your first day on the job going?!” Sorry to see Mattingly leaving L.A., and couldn’t help but recall that unforgettable moment. Now all future pitchers are praying they get compared to Kershaw! Very proud of all he and his wife, Ellen, do off the field to minister to their community and other countries like Zambia. 

#TBT to QB Graham Harrell

Graham HarrellThere’s something quite special about the football program at Texas Tech. It’s known as “Quarterback U” because of the amount of quality QB’s coming through the system, and I had the privilege of covering the team for a season back in 2004. I was Graham Harrell’s first college interview when he entered his freshman year at Texas Tech, and was so proud that he went on to play in the NFL for the Green Bay Packers. Now he’s being included in a documentary about the Quarterbacks of TTU. Here is a link to my article, which includes some ironic foreshadowing! The Young Guns>>>


The Two IAN’S

Ian Desmond (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Looks for these two guys in the next issue of Sports Spectrum Magazine: Padres’ Ian Kennedy and Nationals’ Ian Desmond. We’re heading into the dog days of summer, sports fans. What better time to head to the ballpark! Go Pads. Go Nats.

Tim Tebow Prom


With the “Disney” gals!

I volunteered as the event writer at one of Tim Tebow’s special needs proms that took place across the US and overseas this past Valentine’s Day weekend. What a fun night getting twirled on the dance floor, enjoying hugs from these sweet kiddos, and stopping by the “Disney” photo booth! My pre-event tweet made the news (random?!) Here is the short little piece I wrote for them to use: